OSU Media & Strategic Communications Academic Advising
We provide academic advising for declared majors in Multimedia Journalism, Sports Media and Strategic Communication.
203 B Paul Miller Building
Stillwater, OK, 74078-4053
Phone: 405-744-6354
Fax: 405-744-7104

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Advising Appointment (30m)
A required once a semester meeting with your assigned adviser to review progress towards meeting graduation requirements and to plan courses for next semester. A Trial Study will be completed, and students will be officially cleared for enrollment.
Cancelations could result in a significant delay in rescheduling and getting cleared to enroll for next semester. Please pick your appointment time carefully. You must schedule with only your assigned adviser.
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Pre-majors declaring at the end of semester (10m)
This appointment is for pre-majors (PMC) who plan to declare SPM, SC or MMJ at the end of this semester. Students on track to declare (2.75+/24+ hours) and have ENGL 1213/1413 completed with a C or better can receive advanced permission to enroll in MC 2003 and/or MC 2023, subject to availability.
PMC students who are on track to declare a media major at the end of the current semester can book this appointment to request permission to pre-enroll in MC 2003 and/or MC 2023 prior to officially declaring and becoming eligible to enroll in these classes. Students must be on track to have a 2.75 or better GPA, 24 or more credit hours earned and ENGL 1213/1413 completed at semester's end to take MC 2003 and MC 2023. Pre-enrolled students who do not meet this criteria and are not eligible at the end of semester will be dropped from these media classes.
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