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Christian Counseling and Therapy via internet webcam

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Coaching/Counseling/Memberships and more (1h)
online coaching/ faith based counseling/ therapy or evaluation session via webcam through Skype or Google Hangouts-Your session may be longer than an hour depending on the service you have chosen or your membership. Simply choose the starting time of when you desire your coaching, counseling or couples session to begin. Please note that all appointments are New York-US EST time zone. If the date you desire for an appointment is not available, paste the following link

into your browser for a short notice appointment.
Fees must be paid immediately either by A) a credit card or B) PayPal or C) Google Wallet when you schedule your appointment. A Pay Now Button appears immediately upon scheduling to make the payment process seamless. Appointments that are Unpaid are Automatically Cancelled by our automated system. So please be considerate and do not schedule an appointment unless you are able to comply with our policy. If you must cancel, try to give us as much advance notice as you can so that we can reschedule your appointment. When you must cancel, please give us at least 24 hours notice.
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