BeanCounters Tax & Accounting
12855 Lake Blvd, PO Box 757
Lindstrom, MN 55045

Tax Preparation & Accounting Firm. We provide individual and business tax preparation services.

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Tax Preparation January - April (1h)
1 hr (60-minute) tax appointment with your preparer.

NEW CLIENTS, please call our office to check for availability before scheduling.

651-257-9700, Thank you!
We will use the 1 hr (60-minute) appointment to answer questions and inventory documents. Your return may or may not be completed during this appointment. If more information or time is needed to complete the return, we will let you know when your return is available to be filed. Payment will be due at filing, all forms of payment accepted, no American Express.

While we love children, please do not bring them to your tax appointment. Our office is small and we have limited time to meet with you. If your childcare falls through, we are happy to reschedule your appointment.

Payment is due at time of appointment and we accept all forms of payments. See you Soon!

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