MindOverAll Hypnotherapy Centre (Mind/Body Healing Services)
We provide confidential hypnotherapy services and reiki treatments in a professional setting. We use proven techniques. We specialize in smoking cessation, weight loss, body image issues, fears, phobias, bad habits, sports imagery, ADD and pain management. We unlock the power of your mind to help you help yourself and the power of the energy of the universe to help you heal your body and spirit!
Please note our new location - now downtown - 814 Broughton Street - down the stairs (first door on your right) and we are right there - office 1.
There is plenty of metered parking on the street and we are half a block from the Broughton Street City Parking Garage.
1D - 814 Broughton Street
Victoria, British Columbia, V8W 1E4
Phone: 1-250-884-5031

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