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New Student Group Check-In (1h)
For new and transfer F-1 students who need to check in. This appointment type is available to multiple students at the same time. Waiting to see your counselor may be required. Your counselor will be able to check you in sometime within the hour time frame of the appointment.
Please pay attention to the follow up message after you make your appointment. There will be special instructions you need to follow.
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Travel Consultation (25m)
Need a travel signature? Questions about traveling overseas? Want to check-in after a trip abroad? Choose this appointment type for questions related to traveling.
Note: For a travel signature, please bring your current I-20 and passport. More travel information here:
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Employment Consultation (24m)
Ready to apply for OPT or CPT? Questions about other employment issues? If so, please choose this appointment type.
Note: For a social security letter, please see our website for instructions. Requesting a social security letter does not require an appointment.

For questions about Social Security card applications:

For questions about OPT:

For questions about CPT:
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Academic Consultation (22m)
Did you change your major? Need a program extension? If so, please choose this appointment type.
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Personal Matter (22m)
Need to discuss something personal? If so, please choose this appointment type.
Note: For serious issues, we strongly encourage students to see a counselor at the Student Wellness Center. Ph: 742-3674
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Financial Consultation (17m)
Questions about financial issues? If so, please choose this appointment type.
Note: Please keep in mind that the ISSS office provides very little direct funding to students. We will do our best to help, but our resources are limited. For emergency grant information please contact Chris Lemmons at
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Family Immigration Consultation (29m)
If you need help with an immigration-related family matter please choose this appointment type.
Note: If you have an F-2 spouse who would like to do a change of status to F-1 to attend Texas Tech, the spouse should make the appointment to see his/her assigned counselor.
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J-1 Scholar Consultation (1h)
For advisement related to J-1 Exchange visitor Scholar issues.
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H-1B Consultation (1h)
For faculty and staff with questions about their immigration and employment status.
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