Peace of Mind Bodywork
Massage therapy has many different applications. The type of massage therapy that I provide is called Myofascial Release. So what is Myofascial Release? This is a type of bodywork designed to work with your body. Rather than forcing my way through your restrictions, I meet your restrictions and help them to soften and release on their own.

Too often we get trapped by labels ("fibromyalgia", "sciatica", "rotator cuff", "plantar fasciitis", etc.). While labels can help us understand, they are also limiting. They bring us the comfort of definition but are not a cure in themselves. Healing can only come from within your own body. Myofacial Release, as developed by John F. Barnes, works to augment your own body's healing by releasing your muscular and fascial restrictions. This works on its own and in consort with other treatments.

My rates are $80 per hour, or $110 for an hour and a half session. You can also purchase a package of 5 hours for $320 (prepay for 4 and the 5th is free). Please see my website for more information.
1913 Addison St. Suite 302
Berkeley, CA, 94704
Cellular: 510-461-6431

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