Health Professions Advising
We provide support services for Montana State University students seeking continued education in the health professions.

We recommend that you use office hours (Mon 3-4, Tues 3-4, Wed 3-4, Thurs 11-12 & Fri 11-12) for quick questions.
308 Leon Johnson Hall, Montana State University
Bozeman, MT, 59717
Phone: 406.994.1670

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If you have booked in the past, click here to check, reschedule or cancel your upcoming appointments.
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Routine Advising (30m)
30 minute appointments for students to evaluate progress toward developing a competitive application to health professional schools.

These meetings are not intended to indivdually deliver information provided during the Prep2Apply sessions.

If you are out of town and need this to be a phone meeting, please indicate such in the comments section.
When canceling, please provide at least 4 hrs notice. Missing 2 or more appointments without proper notice will result in loss of appointment scheduling privileges.
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Undergraduate Student Advising (20m)
These appointments are for students who want registration advising for Spring 2017. Each appointment will be 20 minutes long. Check in at 308 Leon Johnson Hall.
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Graduate Student Advising (30m)
These appointments are for Graduate students who need registration advising for Spring 2017. Each appointment will be 30 minutes long.
Check in in 308 Leon Johnson.
These appointments are for the PB Certificate & MS in Health Science students. If this is not your status the appointment will be canceled. There will be open appointments for undergrads at the end of March and new Graduate students mid April.
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Office hours (1m)
No appointments are allowed during these times.

Recommended for quick questions.

Office hours for Fall 2016 are:
Monday 11:00am - 12:00
Tuesday 11:00am - 12:00
Friday 11:15-12:15

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PPAC interview (40m)
If requested, this interview allows students to experience the type of questions they may be asked at professional school interviews and serves as a component of the evaluative cover letter written by the Director.
When canceling, please provide at least 7 days notice.
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