Dr. Heidi Wroebel
A blend of holistic low force chiropractic and lifestyle coaching for babies, children, and adults who want to have an optimum functioning nervous system, health, and peak performance.
928 Central Avenue
Alameda, California, 94501
Phone: 510.514.3606

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Chiropractic Check-Up or Extended Consult (45m)
This time slot is for new or existing clients for the use of initial consultations & examinations, as well as report of findings and progress evaluations and progress reports for existing clientele.The price of an New Client Consultation & Examination is $110. The cash price of an adjustment is $85 an adjustment.
Less than 24 hour notice for a cancellation or a no show will be charged a cancellation fee of $99.
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Adjustment (10m)
The length of this appointment can vary based on what your body needs that day, it usually lasts 3-6 minutes...sometimes you will spend more time and we will have more work to do, and other times it will be a quicker adjustment. Plan on 15 minutes, so that you have ease in your schedule. The average appointment is 10 minutes.
Less than 24 hour cancellation and no shows will be charged a cancellation fee of $80, regardless of payment arrangements.
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