On the Rise Financial Center
Financial education and coaching for people related to finances such as credit repair, budgeting, and savings, and homebuying.
810 Joseph E. Boone BLVD
Atlanta, Georgia, 30314
Phone: 4042281569

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Financial Coaching Extended (1h 15m)
One-to-one discussion about finances including the following:
- Financial Capability
- Credit Scores
- Savings
- Debt
- Access to Affordable Products and Services
- Preparedness for Homeownership

You can schedule to see a new coach or a follow-up appointment with your current coach by selecting the show availabilities option.
Due to the impact COVID-19 has on business and social restrictions, On the Rise Financial Center is offering virtual coaching sessions.
Your assigned coach will send you a link via email or SMS messaging 15 minutes prior to your session. This link will enable you to join with your coach in a face-to-face Zoom meeting.
Please use the following link to complete your on-line intake prior to the meeting. (sent from the coach's email)

We look forward to our session with you.
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