Michigan Automotive Compressor, Inc. (MACI)
Automotive parts manufacturer
2400 North Dearing Road
Parma, MI, 49269
Phone: 517-962-8621
Fax: 517-796-7797

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Daytime Health Screens (15m)
A health screen is required as part of the enrollment process for It’s Your Life. Your health screen will consist of height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar measurements.
Please remember to fast (nothing to eat or drink for 12 hours prior to your health screen- water and medications are okay). If you are pregnant, you are waived from the bloodwork portion of the screen.
Thank you message:
If you need help canceling or changing your appointment, please contact Aimee McConeghy at (517) 796-3384 or Sarah Chapel at (517) 205-4869.
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Evening Health Coaching (Green and Red Shift) (20m)
You will have three health coaching sessions per program year. This is an opportunity for you to use the support and expertise of the It's Your Life staff to help you manage your health.
MACI associates are required to complete their health coaching session in person.
Spouses have the option to complete their health coaching in person or by phone. If coaching by phone, please provide a phone number where you can be reached at your appointment time.
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