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The Brewerytown Special $20 (Wash and Dash) (15m)
Express bath service for dogs who just need to be clean. Perfect for dogs on the way home from the dog park. Includes: Full bath and rinse with coat appropriate shampoo, Towel off, and tick check and a nail trim.
All pets must be current on Rabies vaccines (or titered)to be groomednin The city of Philadelphia. The use of a spot-on type flea and tick control is highly suggested.
Price is $20 cash or PayPal UNLESS you bring me a hot 24 ounce wawa coffee. Acceptable coffee is house, French vanilla or hazelnut. NO SUGAR ,lots of half and half (not milk)
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The Dirty Dog- Luxury Bath (Not a haircut) (1h)
A one hour spa treatment for dogs who need nothing more than to be clean and confident. Your dog is hand washed in one of our luxury shampoos, and blown dry. Includes: NAILS Trimmed and Filed, ANAL GLANDS checked and expressed if needed or requested, EARS checked, cleaned or flushed if needed, TEETH checked and brushed, and a thorough brush out.
Pricing is according to size and coat type and ranges from $25 to $55. A sanitary trim including clipping of privates, paw pads and behind the ears is complimentary upon request or necessity however DEMATTING is EXTRA and starts at $10 for 15 minutes.
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The Renew - Deshedding (1h)
An upgrade on the Basic Bath, the Renew includes: Bath with HydroSurge 5.1 Massaging bath system, nail and ear care, toothbrushing, anal gland expression if needed, Deshedding using an extra conditioning step and use of special tools and techniques.
Price ranges from $35 to $75 depending on breed and coat condition. Dematting is an extra charge.
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The Refresh - Just a Trim (1h)
The Refresh Package is the perfect choice for dogs who need a just a touch up. This package includes a bath, brush out, nail, gland and ear care, Trim of the head, face, feet and rear and a neatening of the body outline. No length is taken off the body.
Price ranges from $35 to $55 depending on breed and coat condition. Expect your pet to be here for 60-90 minutes in most cases. Dematting is an extra charge
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The Urban Dog - Bath and Haircut (all breeds) (1h 30m)
The Urban Dog includes: Bath with HydroSurge 5.1, use of appropriate coat enhancing shampoo and conditioners, Toothbrushing, Nail and Ear care, Anal Gland care if needed and full body hairstyling.
Price is $55-$100, depending on breed and coat condition.
Expect your pet to be with us for 1 to 2 hours
Feel free to call for a general quote 215-268-7944
Dematting is an extra charge!
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Grooming for felines who are stinky, don't groom themselves or have allergic owners. Nail clipping, ear cleaning and either a waterless shampoo or full water bath and a comb out.
Price is $25 for a dry bath and $50 for a full water bath
Cats must have proof of rabies to be serviced.
Expect Kitty to be with us 30-60 minutes
Dematting is an Extra Charge
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Wet or dry bath, deshedding, nail clipping, ear cleaning, comb out and sanitary maintenance (paws, privates, belly) OR a Lion Trim OR Bunny Trim
Price is $50-75
Cats must have proof of rabies to be serviced.
Dematting is an Extra Charge
Cats who are deemed by the groomer to be too matted or aggressive may be excused.
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