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BBCC Online Appointment (30m)
Make an appointment with a Bracken Business Communications Clinic (BBCC) coach to receive help with papers, presentations, professional emails, discussion posts, résumés, cover letters, scholarship applications, and more.

All appointments are now online and held at Mountain Standard Time. At your appointment time, paste into your browser the WebEx link for your coach (shown in the list below). This will allow you to enter your coach’s WebEx meeting room and begin your appointment. Have your work ready on your screen, so you can share your screen with the coach. You and your coach will read through your work together and discuss potential changes and improvements.
If you need a computer, webcam, or quiet place on campus, the BBCC (110 Jabs Hall) has two private offices reserved for the use of anyone with a BBCC appointment. There will be an office available for you at your appointment time if you need it.

BBCC Coach WebEx links:
Sarah Cairoli:
Brett Desper:
Kris Drummond:
Marit Ehmke:
Leanne Hansen:
Robin Kelley:
Nadya Modyanova:
Joan Reeves:

How To Share Your Work
Sharing your work with your coach in WebEx is easy. Once you’ve joined the meeting, hover your mouse over the bottom of your screen and click on the “Share Content” icon, which is located between the video camera icon and the recording icon. Select your work from the list that appears. If you select “Share Screen 1,” your coach will be able to see whatever work is open on your computer.

College of Business students enrolled in any classes at MSU, or non-business majors enrolled in any College of Business classes may make an appointment with the BBCC. This policy includes those enrolled in online courses through the College of Business.
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Sign Official Graduation Application (1h)
This appointment is required for all students planning to graduate in Spring or Summer 2021.

During this appointment you will:
1. Build & lock your "Plan" (course list) for Spring &/or Summer 2021 in DegreeWorks and,
2. Submit your official graduation application.

Your appointment is in Jabs Hall Room 211 or 215 (computer labs) with Brenda Truman & Liz Greenfield from the Jabs Office of Student Services.
It is essential you keep your appointment. Duplicate appointments are subject to cancellation.

If you need to reschedule your appointment contact the Jabs Office of Student Services at, 406-994-4681 or Jabs 124.
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